Project Summary
Melodic Flora: Add-on game for Amazon Music to increase the social interactivity of music apps
Melodic Flora is an add-on game feature to the Amazon Music mobile app that aims to increase the social interactivity of Amazon Music by targeting young people’s music listening habits. The project started with user research and competitive analysis, identifying key user problems such as a lack of a gamified and artistic platform that facilitates interacting and sharing music with friends. To target user and product problems, this add-on was designed with three features: shared music listening rooms to improve social interactivity, customized virtual plants as a relaxing medium for users to destress and build a musical space that enhances engagement, and a game system with merchandise rewards to promote listening to songs consistently. Virtual plants are also a good alternative for people who don’t have time to keep a live plant companion. Upon testing, users found the flows smooth and the concept engaging, while suggesting improvements on visual design and innovative collaborations.
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