I'm an aspiring UX Designer and a Master's student at Pratt Institute. My work emphasizes digital equity and quirky, yet effective designs. Beyond design, I'm also growing as a programmer and artist!
I was born in Iquique, Chile, a coastal city in the Atacama Desert. My favorite childhood memories include writing and drawing on the walls of my house, inspired by cartoons and computer games. Albeit guilty, drawing these speculative objects and words on forbidden surfaces pushed me to become the uninhibited creator I am today. I later moved to Santiago, Chile and attended an international school where I met friends from many cultural backgrounds. This sparked my interest in learning how people live their everyday lives in different cities, from observing people at subway stations around the world, to the different stickers and emojis used in popular social media platforms by country. People are more similar than we think, regardless of cultural and social background.
I continued my higher education in the U.S. and followed no path until my last two years of undergrad, where I started my degree from scratch and dove into art and design. I relied on my creative instincts from my childhood and pushed forward with the encouragement from my friends and family.
I am now a designer based in New York City 
and I aspire to create digital platforms that can engage more people than ever. I run on a personal timezone, but I never stop working. 
My favorite things to do are traveling, aimless walking, and hitting up cozy cafés. I also love noodles! 🍜🥹

Giza, Egypt

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