EYE-BROWS is a manual on eyebrow shapes and styling, inspired by my own fastidiousness with eyebrows. I wanted to highlight the relationship between the eyes and brows as two distinct yet crucially dependent features. The eyes as the most defining feature of a face, yet they must come paired with their distinctive eyebrows for them to show meaning and emotion.  
The zines were printed on 8.5x11'' yellow paper using a risograph in the Morgan Labs at the University of Pennsylvania. Coarse-grain printing was used for images to create a vintage feel, and fine-grain printing was used for text to ensure text clarity. A total of 30 zine copies were printed and distributed among classmates in the course DSGN 200 - Pixel to Print. 
Each page is composed of a two-step print process, starting with a blue layer base (left) and printed again with an overlapping black layer (right). Each layer was created in Adobe Photoshop using a monochrome filter, and later arranged in Adobe InDesign for printing. 
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